My husbands gay, now what.

An inspirational personal story with 9 principles to follow for building The Bridge to Hope & Healing® in a moment of family crisis. 

 About the story…

Everyone has a story, and this is mine, told proudly and passionately. The morning of October 30, 2006, I gave my husband of 15 years, the most beautiful five-page letter I had ever written—and likely will ever write again. That evening, he faced what I had suspected: he is gay. At that moment, on that day, my life changed forever and has never been the same since. Now, 11 years later, I tell my story of friendship, love, respect, and acceptance. This is not a story of betrayal but one about a husband and wife who care deeply for each other. It is about two people who threw out the divorce rule book, a wife who supported her husband through his coming-out process, parents who stayed focused on their daughter, and a family who built a bridge for hope and healing in a moment of crisis.

About the value for YOU and your family…

When family members find themselves in a moment of crisis, they will benefit from following principles for building a bridge to hope and healing. These principles are modeled from the perspective of my grandmother Nana, Frances Wallach Weissberger Schwartz (fondly given the nickname “Nana Banana” years ago). They are my gift to you. From hope to strength and courage to a positive outlook to communication to acceptance and affirmation to forgiveness and gratitude. “I hope you have the strength and courage to appreciate, embrace, and integrate the Nana Banana Principles into your daily life. They are always here for you, especially during a critical, life-changing moment, just as Nana has always been there for me.”

About the Principles…

Principle #1 – Hope…The fog will lift
Principle #2 – Show strength and courage…Build your bridge
Principle #3 – Maintain a positive outlook…Apply a strengths-based perspective
Principle #4 – Communicate…Keep talking
Principle #5 – Be resourceful…Invest in the relationships that sustain you
Principle #6 – Heal…Take care of you
Principle #7 – Accept, adjust, and affirm…Life moves forward
Principle #8 – Forgive…Let go
Principle #9 – Express gratitude…Count your blessings

About Becky…

This unique story, which only Becky Schwartz Corbett could write, is told from the perspective of the former wife of a gay man; a Reform Jew, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana; and a trained clinical social worker. Becky is committed to her core value that family is important. She utilizes her social work background, spirituality, and relationships with friends and family to tell the story. “I believe the choices we make and the actions we take in a moment of family crisis clearly define who we are as individuals and help us identify what we want to teach and model for our children and loved ones.”

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