Mastermind Groups

 A mastermind group (MMG) is comprised of like-minded individuals who discuss topics related to their personal and professional growth. The facilitator provides materials and guides interactive learning. Participants offer peer support and accountability to help each other move ideas to action and achieve success.

Target Audience

Participants who want to network and develop relationships with like-minded individuals.

Facilitator’s Role

Provides resources, educates, mentors and inspires participants to move their ideas to action.

Participant’s Role

Prepares for and attends sessions with the willingness to learn and readiness to participate in guided, interactive dialogue. Provides peer support and accountability to colleagues.


60-90 minute sessions, held for 4-6 weeks.


Secure video conferencing. (Internet connection and Webcam are required to participate.)

Mastermind Group Themes may include...

Dream Big

Intentional Growth

Intentional Producktivity®

It’s All About Relationships & Connections

Leading ME

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