The key to online engagement is the human connection. The followers know the people behind the brand. They know who they are interacting with and want to join in any celebration of their success. -Hugh 

If I need to be inspired to take steps forward, then I’ll attend an event. If I want to improve, then I’ll engage in a process and stick with it.  -John C. Maxwell

Emily is a consultant, coach, and trainer in the areas of time management, intentional growth, and project management. She uses her 18 years of nonprofit accounting, finance and management experience with educational organizations and associations to establish trust, build relationships, and connect the pieces of the puzzle.

​Our Executive Team

​​Emily Tevault, MBA

Chief Producktivity® Officer 

Becky Schwartz Corbett’s life philosophy: It’s ALL about relationships. As she always says, good people connect with good people. -Beck

BSC coaches are certified members of the John Maxwell Team (JMT). John Maxwell is a leadership expert, #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker. As a JMT member, we help you reach your potential by stretching, growing, and assisting you with overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Hubert specializes in social media, brand management, and promotional advertising solutions for individuals and commercial customers. As President of Epic Life Celebrations, he is committed to your intentional growth related to your virtual brand. Hubert brings 20 years of senior leadership and operational management experience leading inclusive teams.

Hubert Moore

Social Media Director 

Becky Corbett, MSW, ACSW

President & CEO


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Prioritize your intentional growth, grow with purpose, and be the leader of your personal and professional growth. - Emm

Becky is a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker in intentional growth, leadership and career development, and Producktivity®. She has 25 years of non-profit executive management experience with mission-driven organizations, membership & trade associations, colleges & universities, and the social work community. 

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