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Leadership Institutes

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BSCorbett Consulting is committed to providing customized leadership development that produces action and sustainable change. A Leadership Institute is a 6-month program of intensive learning for up to 10 participants. The institute is designed to enhance the organization’s team capacity; improve each professional’s leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities; and increase the individual’s intentional growth and development.

Leadership Institute Benefits

  • Leadership development unique to the needs of your organization and staff
  • Onsite and online learning using a comprehensive learning environment and secure video conferencing to save your organization time and money
  • Adult learning model supports sustainable change and successfully achieving goals

Leadership Institute Program
Initial Onsite Training (2 days)

  • Interactive leadership development training and team building
  • Develop a Leadership Action Plan (LAP) using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Leadership Coaching (six 1-hour sessions)

  • Each participant has monthly 1-1 Coaching sessions with a certified coach
  • The BSC Coach will challenge and hold individual accountable to achieve LAP goals

Peer-Learning Sessions (four 1-hour sessions)

  • Participants have a monthly session with a certified trainer using secure video conferencing
  • The BSC Trainer will bring new leadership skills for discussion and implementation

Final Onsite Training (1 day)

  • Interactive leadership development training, including evaluation of learning
  • Team celebration of successes
  • Determine next steps for the organization’s growth journey

Optional Component: DISC® or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment

  • Participants complete an assessment, receive additional 1-1 Coaching sessions, and attend additional Peer-Learning Sessions to identify growth opportunities and goals
  • Develop as a leader by setting and achieving goals from your assessment report
  • Learn how you work best and how to connect with others to build successful business relationships
  • Build on the strengths of your team and set and achieve team goals using your Team Report (MBTI® only)

To have a dialogue about your organization’s training needs, reach out to us at Info@bscorbettconsulting.com. It would be our honor to schedule a FREE consultation with our President & CEO.