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Strengths-Based Coaching

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Coaching is about sustainable change, and change is necessary for organizational, professional, and personal growth. BSCorbett Consulting (BSC) coaches help you grow to where you want to be faster than if you do it on your own. We accomplish this through leadership coaching, with expertise in executive and time management.

BSC coaches will…

  • Ask thought-provoking questions that bring awareness and clarity of your opportunities, goals, and commitments.
  • Connect your potential with your performance to move your ideas to action.
  • Customize our coaching approach to meet your individual needs.
  • Provide accountability in a supportive environment to increase your rate of success.

Individual Coaching (1-on-1)

  • Individual coaching is an initial commitment of six (6) one-hour sessions.
  • Individual coaching improves and enhances work performance, time management, communication skills, relationships, business management, team performance, and self-confidence.
  • For your convenience, sessions are provided via telephone or secure video conferencing.

Group Coaching

  • Group coaching is a commitment of four (4) 90-minute sessions.
  • Group coaching improves and enhances the group’s professional and organizational growth.
  • Sessions are provided via secure video conferencing.

To schedule a FREE 20-minute coaching session with a BSC Coach, reach out to us at Info@bscorbettconsulting.com. It would be our honor to coach you to move to action TODAY.​