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BSCorbett Consulting (BSC) is committed to providing learning that leads to action. Our training creates a platform for immediate actionable outcomes. To provide organizations, professionals, and individuals the greatest value from their training experience, the BSC Team has incorporated accountability into our workshops. We accomplish this through Coaching (1-1 or group) after the training session.

Training with Accountability Benefits

  • Builds in follow-up and accountability to learning objectives
  • Extends learning to support sustainable change through coaching
  • Supports successful achievement of outcomes


  • An ideal training workshop includes one trainer and accommodates up to 25 participants. 


  • Half day, full day, or multi-day sessions


  • Onsite or online using a comprehensive learning environment and secure video conferencing.

Training Topics may include:

  • Board & Volunteer Development
  • Change Management
  • DISC® & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Intentional Growth
  • Job Preparation & Career Success
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Skills for Non-Profit Leaders
  • Mentoring Emerging Leaders
  • Team Building
  • Time Management & Decision Making

To have a dialogue about your organization’s training needs, reach out to us at Info@bscorbettconsulting.com. It would be our honor to facilitate you moving to action TODAY.


Customized Training with Accountability

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